Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cala Qisya vs Cala Man

Salam belog....

What a fatigue and hungrayh day today. Well, I just bought stuff from Cala Qisya and Cala Man. Yeah, they're awesome but the most awesome is when I met a girl in this photo

Do say hi to a gorgeous plus beautiful girl, Yana a.k.a The Founder of Cala Qisya\

She is really pretteyh and I am so jealous with her.

*What have you bought?*

Ehhhhh? What have I bought? I am kinda lazy to type it out so just look at this picca kayh *wink*

I think I should type a little description here. Well, I had bought a maggi XL shawl with a cute so-called vintage shoes *perasan seploh saat* haha xD

And, I pray that I can go to Cala Qisya Boutique again with my pocket full of money *serious face*

P/s: Got clueless where to start on financial management, I bet a power nap would be a good start dontchu think. So, good night everyone. Have a good sleep and forgive me.


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