Thursday, November 8, 2012

Just Saying

Salam Belog....

Throughout my life, I just realized that the most important people of mine are only four. Yes, only four. Who are they? Let me keep this little secret by myself.

 But, when I said I love these 4 people there will be someone says, "Termasuk Allah sekali tak? Jangan sampai jadi syirik...". Err, is a question relevant? Well, hey. You have to understand my words carefully. When I said, people they must be yeah people I mean human. Allah is Allah, The Only One God. He must be in our heart. Always.

 So, when I said people always leave I really mean it. It's about HUMAN. Don't you realized when you said, "Allah never leave.." is just to make you happy? Are you really okay to be alone without friends? If it's me, I am not okay. That's how I feel.

 Last but not least, I am sorry if I am too harsh. Correct me if I'm wrong. Thank you people.


1 comment:

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