Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tomo 友(とも)

 We're Tomo 友(とも)[friends] until everlasting. Nee ^^, [Jieba, Kina & Afzan]

Let’s have fun,
I want to tell you honestly,
I will never let go of your hand,
Your heart is really big,
It forgives forgiven,
Anyone you meet becomes your friend,

Being distantly separate,
We don’t have to worry because we always have a reason,

There is love,
You always be my friend,
When we’re really old,
And also have grey hair,

To put it kindly,
You are my friend,
Although at times you scold me severely,

Hello! Hello! Come let’s begin....

With a smiling face,
You tell me to go kindly,
I will always,
Without change be here,

Someone makes a mistake,
From here at once,
You’ll regain from it,

Like a first love your heart starts to hurt,
But don’t run away,
Show that you are living as proof,

It should be understood,
That we were always friends,
But from the start I wasn’t skillful at all,

Believe in yourself,
Believe in fate,
Don’t get swallowed,
Up by the flow of time,

Hello! Hello! Come let’s begin...


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